As you prepare for a home inspection, keep in mind the inspector will need to operate all of the systems and appliances that pass on with the house. This includes everything from the dishwasher, to the HVAC systems, and even the irrigation system.

If the home inspector cannot valuate a system because the utility service is off, these will be identified as systems that couldn’t be properly inspected.
In order to perform a correct home inspection, the inspector should be able to access virtually every a part of the house. This includes opening and inspecting within electrical panels, attic areas, crawl areas, etc.

The seller will need to remove boxes, bookcases, piece of furniture and anything else obstruction access to the furnace, air conditioning, panels, and water heater. The inspector will want 3 to four feet of working space to inspect these things.

Carlton Morgan

Carlton Morgan

Carlton Morgan is an experienced and expert Home Inspector servicing all of South Florida.

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